what you think i should do or what would you do ?

United States
March 11, 2009 8:06am CST
as of late i've dealing with issue with my son, his wife and my daughter. well my daughter in law dont like my daughter which is ok, but my daughter haven't started of late. but my son and his wife will invite all the cousins over to thier place except my daughter and it makes one cousin feel like he's have to pick, but with me my son and his wife don't tell the boys when we are around them, they pretty much dont call me or my wife grandma and grandpa. so when we try to hold the oldest one he screams and cry and my son come over to me and him he just say its alright, not its alright its grandpa. but i do remember when we been around them at thier place which they live with her mom, they do reply to her brother as uncle and her best friend as aunt. even her own aunts and uncles get called the same, but not my wife, my daughrter or me. we;ve told them we specaily me not feeling like a grandpa, ive heard its up to us to feel like grandparents. but my thing is if he and his wife dont reply to us to the kids we are grandma and grandpa its hard to feel like one they will also go out of their way for her family, but tells us we have to come there to see the boys. they havent to our house since chritmas, and they wont because of my daughter i've had told him before how and why i feel this way, nothing change. so my wife wants me to ask him to go with me to my sherk and try one more time. so i am thinking of it, and if nothing change then i am done trying if i see my son and grandkids fine if not then i need to pray my daughter get married and have kids. what do you think ? and how would you deal with it?
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@sid556 (30987)
• United States
2 May 09
Ok...you sound really worked up here and I had a hard time following your story so forgive me if I didn't understand correctly. From the way I read it, it sounds to me as if your son needs to stand up to his wife to keep your family united. It sounds as if your sons wife is alienating your side of the family and your son is maybe going along with it to please her? It is wrong! If my daughter alienated me like this simply because her husband did not like me...i'd be ferocious! I have a daughter that one of my daughter's boyfriends does not particularly like...he is respectful and she is included in all family functions. We all have family members that don't get along real well...they are all included no matter what and we treat each other with respect. As grandparents.....you have rights. Your son is denying his children from knowing their grandpa....so wrong. I'd have some words with the son if I were you. I'm a gram and there is no way that anyone would keep me from my grandchildren. good luck to you on this!
@nikky28 (1572)
• India
15 Mar 09
Oh your daughter in law sounds so mean. And your son seems like he is dancing to her tunes. I don't like it when adults bring kids into picture in their fights. They should keep kids out of this. You are their grandpa and your son or daughter in law can't change the facts. When the kids grow up, their parents will have to answer them oneday. I don't know why they don't like your daughter so I can't really comment if their animosity is justified. But why should they treat you and your wife in such a despicable manner. They are hurting you and your wife by keeping your grandchildren away. Maybe you should give it a try by asking your son to go with you. He is your kid after all and I don't think it should hurt your pride even if he declined. All the best
@spalladino (17921)
• United States
11 Mar 09
They're treating you very badly, Yankee, and I had hoped that they had matured some by now. Guess not. They are robbing those children of having you, your wife and your daughter in their lives and that's not right. You guys are good people and it's hard to think of all the love and joy those kids are missing out on and will miss out on because your son is being so unfair to you. Maybe it would help if your son would go with you to talk to a third party...and I hope he does. He's not acting with the best interests of those kids in mind and he's going to regret it when they're grown and realize what he robbed them of. Hang in there.