Colloidal Silver Experiments

United States
March 11, 2009 1:45pm CST
i have started a rather simple experiment with colloidal silver to test it's effectiveness against pathogenic growth. I have read a number of articles from both the amateur and professional scientific communities and both have exceedingly contradictory evaluations of colloidal silvers ability to stop the growth and destroy "bad germs" Within both groups of people I find a split of people who say it does amazing things and others who say it is nothing more than a folk medicine myth. I even read an article where a man claimed that after five days of using colloidal silver as a mouth wash, his dentist told him that his infected cavity had no more bacterial colony and only showed clean bone. Silver is one of the most heavily used precious metals in the medical industry because of it's already well documented anti-microbial abilities when used as a surface treatment for medical instruments. My goal is to test against penicillin and aspergillis. I have taken 2 1 gallon plastic zip bags and sterilized the insides with alcohol and left under a clean hood to dry completely. I then took 1 piece of standard Kroger brand wheat bread and cut it in half using a clean knife. Both pieces of bread were then set aside outside the clean hood. I then put 1 fl oz of colloidal silver (50ppm) in one bag and shook it up for 1 minute to be sure I covered everything inside. I then did the same(for control purposes) to the other bag with just distilled water (from the same bottle I used for making the colloidal silver, so it's the same water minus the silver). I poured both bags into a small glass and drank it (don't wanna waste this stuff) I then made sure to infect both bags by laying them on some dust on my cabinet. both recieved as equal coverage as the naked eye would permit and both from the same 8"*8" area. I then placed them both in the bags zipped them mostly closed, squeezed out much of the air (but not all since mold needs oxygen) and sealed them shut. For ample growing conditions I placed them both in my dark warm furnace room. Ideally for the colloidal silver lovers out there, nothing should grow in the bag marked"colloidal silver" and the bag marked " no silver" I should have millions of fuzzy new friends in a few days. I will check in on them both every day this week and try to take pictures. If anyone else has any debunking on colloidal silver or gold I would love to know. If anyone sees big wholes in my experiment, let me know too. my colloidal silver was made at approximately 50 ppm of silver with 2 .5 oz pieces of 99.99 fine silver and distilled water. My power source is a higher amperage wall AC adapter at 1200ma and 15V output. My particles are super small and I hardly get any noticeable cloudiness. thanks for any feedback
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5 Feb 13
When I have dental pain or infection I use Mouthcoloid colloidal silver mouthwash, it always stops the pain.