Weird Questions. Do you dare to answer?

@cmofi123 (344)
United States
March 11, 2009 3:06pm CST
I decided to write out all this things that just tick, tick in my mind. I'm pretty sure that all of you have those questions. If at any point you feel offended, or if it is discusting you may leave. For those who have the guts to answer, let's see what you got. Have you ever wonder why??? When someone farts, to you it smells horrible, but to them, not really. Turning the tables around, when you fart you smell it and you know it's bad, but you keep on smelling it, the person next to you, who was next to you is already close to the window and giving you the eyes. When you are in bed and you fart, do you go under the sheets to smell it? ust like the movie "Anger management"
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