I AM VERY SHY.....how can I make new friends?????????/

United States
March 11, 2009 5:04pm CST
hi ,i just want to know what i could do to have more friends.i often meet a lot of people..but i dnt know how to socialize.they are nice to me,i am nice to them but i dnt know really how to break the ice and either ask for their number or just relax while talking to them.i am always very uncoumfortable..sometimes i have lost opportunities of connecting with potential lovers..on one hand i am very nice and very helpful on the other hand i am so shy that i always think that people are judging me.. can you give me some tips?? thank you
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@besthope44 (12141)
• India
18 Jul 10
A friendship can give confidence and boldness, so make one and you will find easy.
• China
14 Mar 09
Open you mounth and talk with any one beside you,loudly laugh and speak. Just consider why do you shy,you will find you are afraid of being commented by others.You just lack confidence.From above i known you are a very nice man.There is no one to laugh you. And remmber keeping continious to tell yourself that Just do your thing, let others laugh.
• China
12 Mar 09
Smile when you face others, and talk kindly and listen to others carefully and give them some advices.
@xlinzixx (511)
11 Mar 09
id would start by making friends online as it will be easier for you if your shy. it will also boost your confidence and help you for when you meet people in real life you'll have more confidence. happy mylotting.