Do you use Contact lance or specticales ??

March 11, 2009 10:34pm CST
my work duty in my office is completly based on Computer. i have to stare on computer almost 8 hours a day. this is why i have got a eye problem. last year i went to a consultant of eye, and he told me that i have a near sight problem in my eyes. and recomended to use specticle with a low power. i refused to use them because it bother me very much. then he told me to use contact lance and also told me some instructions to use them. i choiced the contact lance because i have to ride bike every day and it would be easy to me to use contact lance. but i need to follow certain rules to use them. what do you use specticles or contact lances ?
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@daliaj (5680)
• India
12 Mar 09
I use spectacles often because it is very easy to handle. It id very difficult to maintain contact lenses, it takes a lot of time to clean the lenses with the solution and put it on. I am a kind of person who is lazy to get up early. So, I get up late, do all the work and will be rushing to office. I can't think of wasting time for cleaning the lens and putting it on during that time. I do use contact lense when I go for parties. Then, I use the lens which matches my dress.
• Sweden
12 Mar 09
i am agree with you that the mantainace of contact lances are very difficult. but you can match with your dress by using various colour of contact lances.