Gptbank Payment proof - I got paid by gptbank
@melvill (392)
March 11, 2009 10:57pm CST
Hello guyz! It really nice working with gptbank, at last after waiting for so much time, I got paid from the PTC site. Even though a lot of ptc sites turn to be scam, I'm thankful because there are still some which really pays their members, like neobux. GPTBANK is not a ptc site but a professional way to be paid by just being one of their referrals in the ptc sites they have joined. I'm really glad that I become a part of it. It is so nice because according to them you can receive your payment within 3 days being a standard member, but I'm surprise to see my payment 24hrs after I requested payout. For all those who want to join GPTBANK please be my referral. The banner is in my profile. Thanks!Happy mylotting!
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