For the Freelancer In You

United States
March 12, 2009 12:56am CST
Hey guys, I've been away from mylot for a long time. I've been working a lot lately. I've been working two jobs, one of which is from home, the other one is a part time computer tech job. I've also been going to school, fixing up a house that I just bought and of course, taking care of the kiddos. My husband and I have been doing really great lately, especially with both of us working. Things have definitely improved lately. Anyway, the point of this discussion is not to advertise, spam or anything like that. This has nothing to do with trying to gain referrals because the site that I am going to tell you about has nothing to do with referrals. Instead, this is just me being a friend throwing out a suggestion. Obviously, people that are on here really enjoy writing. If you do, and you write well, textbroker is a great website for the freelancer in you. You should definitely check this site out if you like to write although I believe that right now it is only available for people in the U.S. You have to fill out a W-9 and everything so I can tell you it is legit. I have managed to pay my bills, my rent, groceries and more with this job but I won't lie to you, in order to make that much, it really does require you to work. You have a list of a variety of articles that range anywhere from $1.25 - $25.00 an article. They are usually pretty short articles. Usually only 150 - 650 words a piece. All the topics can be researched. You have a certain deadline in which to get the articles submitted back to the clients, etc. This is not a simple work from home that makes promises. It requires dedication, time, patience and the will to work. Anyway, as I said, this was not a referral thing or trying to spam, advertise, etc. Just wanted to help others out who are interested. Anyway, good luck to you all and I hope all is well with everyone.
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@joystick7 (728)
• India
12 Mar 09
Felt good to read your text. I entered textbroker site few months back only to figure out that they wont accept international membership. I write for a few other sites as of now. I came across a blog which helped me catch up with good paying writing sites. If interested pm me I will send you the blog link.
• United States
13 Mar 09
I'm sorry to hear that textbroker didn't work out so well for you. It really is an excellent website but I do think that the fact that they don't accept international members is their one and only flaw. I am glad to hear that you have found something to help you out in the long run anyway. That's definitely good news.
@melvill (392)
• Philippines
12 Mar 09
Hello fallenrain! Thanks for your information. I am sad because I am not a US citizen, I'm from Asia. It's good to know that your family is not affected by the recession.
• China
12 Mar 09
I am not in the US, can i write to them and get paid?