is the present world the best we could ever have ?

March 12, 2009 3:41am CST
Is the world which we have given to ourselves ,the best one we could ever have? or do we need to improve it.and if we do have to improve it , the big question is how? Many regard it as a useless discussion so i had to think a lot before posting it but i mad my mind. what i mean to say is.... the present world according to me is not the best world we could ever might say that i think so because may not have the best experience with this world but that is a seperate question. many of us dont even bother to have a chat with our neighbour (unless a girl or a boy upon whom we have a crush lives there) or we do not at least even smile when we pass by them. is the present economic and social status responsible ???? please think about it as we the future generation are about to live in this type of world and the meaning of HUMANITY or might dissapear from the dictionary
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