Are you someone who easily believes.....

@sammy14 (834)
March 12, 2009 9:15pm CST
Are you that type of person who easily beleives in everything that you hear or come your way.. Or your that type of a person who is gullible to beleive and easily acts based on that information that come your way!! Many fall into truble because of this attitude.. just like today many are now broke, some commit suicide, some are helpless because they easily believe what they hear! Dont you think so..
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@pricelis (86)
• United States
13 Mar 09
I used to be like that, I had no reason not to be. To think that someone would go to all the trouble to lie or make up random stories just to provoke or manipulate someone never crossed my mind, probably because I didn't think that way. Now I just go along with pretty much everything and think "yea right"!
@shav9292 (928)
• India
13 Mar 09
it really depends on people...for my loved ones i believe what they say without a doubt in my mind....but that wouldn't be the case for others. i used to believe everything said to me but not now....i wouldn't call me a paranoid but i am what i am.
@sameroad (3180)
• United States
13 Mar 09
I don't believe everything someone tells me or that i hear easily... i am not a gullible person.... i want proof... i do my research on things. i'm not just going to believe something. that is kind of dumb... too many people out there that lie and would love to screw you over. you always have to be careful not to believe everything you hear and see.