if no computer in life........

March 12, 2009 11:04pm CST
i get on computer all day, in office or at home. watching movies or playing game with friends online.do everyting need computer, i think if no computer life is not any more interesting. what do you think?
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@vicky30 (4771)
• India
13 Mar 09
Yes if there is no computer in life it will be very boring.If there is internet i use it for chatting with friends.I also use it to earn money.I also use it to play online games when i feel bored.I also use it to send emails to friends and relatives.Without internet i can play games on the computer.I can also listen to music and watch movies.I can also use it for my studies like programming.
• United States
13 Mar 09
If the computer was gone, I would go back to writing letters by hand and mailing them snail mail. I used to write the widows that I knew and drop them a line just for fun. Now I email. It is faster but a regular letter is fine to send also. If the computer was gone, I would go back to using that old fashioned typewriter in the basement that has been tucked away. If the computer was gone, I would have mounds more of paper to file in a regular file cabinet and photos would have to be put in a book again and not on a hard drive. If the computer was gone, I would visit friends face to face and be able to give hugs and in person encouragement. If the computer was gone, I would read the pages of a book instead of reading on line. If the computer was gone, I think life would go on and I would adjust. But I do like my computer and consider it a great blessing.
@williamjisir (22882)
• China
13 Mar 09
hard to imagine life with no computer - it is really hard to imagine life without computer
Hello wyapple. Nowadays we are at the computer age, which offers us a lot of fun using the computers for the Internet. We can do so many things with our computers, without which life is rather boring and inconvenient. I always use my laptop when I come back home from work and I also use the one in the office if I have to search for some information. I have to say that computer is part of my life and it is hard to imagine life without a computer. Take care.
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@fren45 (895)
• Malaysia
14 Mar 09
yes I believe computer is a common household device for all people nowadays regardless of rich or poor we all need a computer.
@mikhatri (120)
• India
13 Mar 09
Computer is a boon for the world becoz many things become easier with the help of computers, computers become a great source of earning world wide, and the students which are looking for there carriers they mostly prefer IT field as they know that they can earn a lot from it, all the IT companies are based on the invetion of computer, so if there was no computers this IT companys would not exist,i work daly 8Hr and above on computers and now i am addict to it, wid this i can stay connected to my frndz, i can play, it is a great source of entertainment....thatz it.
@mykmari_08 (2464)
• Philippines
13 Mar 09
Sorry, I beg to disagree. Although it is a fact that this age is known as the computer age, because of the proliferation of the advancement in technology; I still believe that even without computers, an individual will still find life interesting through other sources or medium. For one, spending precious quality time with your loved ones in an out-of-town trip or vacation in a scenic tourist spot will prove to be interesting and fun. Not only this, it will also promote harmonious relationship and bonding moments with them, away from the hustle and bustle of the business or internet world. You could also catch up with friends, while engaging yourselves with your favorite pastimes like playing basketball in a covered court, barhopping, reminiscing good old times; or whatever suits your fancy. I sincerely believe that life shouldn't be confined to just the internet or computer world. Anyway, I have noticed that your posts counter currently displays that you have responded to only 6 posts to date; so I assume that you're still a newbie here. I'd like to welcome you to mylot community and I do hope that you'll eventually decide to stay here for good.