Are people who oen business in second life losing touch with reality?

United States
March 13, 2009 2:03am CST
I understand that if you are going to have a business you must treat it like one and not a hubby I totally get that. I've worked for two businesses in SL and it was fun I really enjoyed interacting with the people and the whole atmosphere. I worked as a Hostess at a club they had a live DJ and they all played House music and it was to fun. Now here is the problem with that place, I signed myself to work 2 days but the day before my computers crash and I wasn't able to log on, My husband was able to fix the computers mid week. I checked my e-mail and what they did fired me. I logged on and explain to them what happen and the manger was like yeah but you didn 't show up and we had to replace you in the last minute. I was like DUH computer crash means I can't do anything on my computers. A guest complains about something and in SL some people are over sensitive Not many are like that but you get those few. Do think I get IM telling me the complaint NO, is everything is okay? I say yeah . why? and that when i get a response. All their staff meetings are mandatory and you actually get consequences for missing even though you may have a legitimate real life issue going on. Second place oh this place is awesome it's at a wonderful ski resort the people are nice and so is the staff. It's wonderful right ? It was until one of the mangers scheduled me in for a day without telling me and the week before kept making the mistake of giving my shifts to other people. I got fired for not showing up to a shift I hda no clue about! Wow you think? My question to mylotters who play the game do you find some business owners expect to much from you and pay you so little? Do you think that they are so wrapped up in SL that they don't realize that Real things happen in the real world? Do you think many of them don't have a healthy balance between SL and Real life? those who don't play the game feel free to weigh
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@dragon54u (31620)
• United States
13 Mar 09
I don't get the whole SL thing. Or WOW or other role playing games that people get so wrapped up in. I realize they're exciting and novel and just like living another life but then why not get off the computer and live such a life for real? It wasn't fair for your boss to fire you from that job. That's like saying well, the business burned down but I'm going to fire you because you didn't show up even though there was no building to work in!
@Sissygrl (10914)
• Canada
16 Jan 11
hehe i think your right.. i think that some ppl do nothing but sl.. i was one of those ppl for a while!! but.. you cant spend your life online with ppl you will never meet doing virtual things.. you never will experience real stuff.. its fun to play.. but just like everything else in either life, moderation is the key ;) and you can do other things to earn money other then work for jerks that think sl is more important then your rl ;P you could open your own business or buy land and rent it out.. i have a tattoo shop that just runs its self.. i find the more time i put into it, the more money i make (which i just want to cover tier mostly cause i enjoy it) but if i dont have the time or dont feel like it.. i dont cry about it ;P
• Canada
8 Jun 10
I was involved in a second life "business" and yes I did begin losing touch with reality I spent all my time on second life and became a couch potato and almost lost all my friends. It was quite terrible looking back on it.