Is your job is what you love?

March 13, 2009 3:52am CST
Are you doing what your love,are you living your passion.We all know everyone in the world have responsibility,we aren't supposed to be happy with the job but we do it just because we have to .I think that's wrong.we spend at least 5 days a week performing our jobs,this is a lot of time to be wasting.why not spend that time doing you truly are passionate about instead of somethindthat lacks meaning,so i'm in the middle of going through it right now ,and you ?
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• India
13 Mar 09
I love and like my job a lot.At present i am working as a network engineer in a software firm and i enjoy this job a lot.I never think of quitting this job,because once we quit the job,it is very difficult get a new job in the current recession time.If i get any free time in between my job,i like to spend it on mylot and other money making sites.Now a days it is not so easy to get a job according to our taste or choice.So before quitting the job we have to think twice.
• China
16 Mar 09
I agree what you say,nowaday is recession we must face it.once we quit the job we might face a lot of by living share a service that was a wise move on you part .