looking for true love

March 13, 2009 8:03am CST
hello,ladies&gentlemen,boys&girls.Love is a common and frenquently-referred topin i think :.,though, there is still sth new in different minds, right? That's the most closed concerning topic of every human being: So,i consider it's a good idea to pick up this one and hope for your heary ideas.None can live without love,that b/t honeies,kinships,frineds,and parents,etc. It's old as well as new. Everyone should have sth to day about that if you wanna open your mouth : hahahha,you're welcomed here any time : best wishes P.S. I'm looking for my mr/right's expression of his love for me : so nice to wait,so eager for that. so worried about his slowless and hesitaiton and various concerns : in a word,complicated to wait : and nice also : yours sweetie : *@*
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