going crazy,,need help!

March 13, 2009 8:32am CST
my guy friend (the one who often makes fun of me and teases me) really did a lot of good things..i mean, he texted using another phone to inform me of the venues of the practices without me knowing it was him! I just found out when i thanked the classmates who i thought texted me..and recently, I left something on his things, and he happened to bring the envelope which contained some papers i really need. When i told him, he really texted his mother and brother to bring the envelope and to think their home was so far. I was really feeling guilty and all that, I said not to bother but he still said what will happen to your grades...our friends even told me that i should just make another, so now I don't understand why i'm so disturbed..i just can't get it off my head..please help me mylotters!
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@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
14 Mar 09
lol =D The same old problem again.. LIke i have told u many times, be brave and ask him what does he really wants, or who is he treating u as.. U will only get more confused or troubled by all his actions, when he's treating u cold at the same time.. U better get out of it before it's too late, for u will only hurt yourself emotionally when u become too dependant on him in the days to come..
@EvrWonder (3575)
• Canada
14 Mar 09
I am not quite clear of what you are asking however, it sounds like this guy friend is a good friend indeed. Be thankful for the gracious people in your life and think nothing more of it. Thank him for the kindness though and express that you really appreciate all that he has done. He obviously enjoys helping you. I would be very thankful for such a friend. Smile and be happy.