watchmen movie

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March 13, 2009 6:24pm CST
just saw the new watchmen movie last week. i thought it was fantastic. normally am not into superhero movies, but my friends dragged me along. it was dull and weird at times, but i guess there was something for everybody in the movie haha i actually read the comic books as a kid. the story was very true to the comic but the background on the different characters could have been better. o well what can you do? love to hear from anybody that saw that movie and what you thought!
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@bigv038 (66)
19 Mar 09
Have to say I'm not really into superhero movies either but also found it a great watch. Malin Akerman who played Silk Spectre II looked amazing and made it worth the watch alone! :P
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19 Mar 09
haha yes she did look great in the movie. i completely loved rooshank's character(not sure on the spelling) and the nice twist of who he actually was in the middle.
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14 Mar 09
i ahve yet to see the movie but i cant wait to see it as i have heard nothing but good things about it
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17 Mar 09
i think you will be pleasantly surprised if you have not seen it yet. it definitely shocked me!