are flower's meant to be given only to girls,and to the departed???

March 14, 2009 1:34am CST
i found it amusing that in a survey that men will be happier if they received flowers from their girlfriends...instead of chocolates. so my question now,are flowers meant to be given only to girls and to the departed?? lol,,,hmmm...i think i'll be happy too,if some girl give me a bunch of roses,hahaha,,,for my bithday....
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• Australia
14 Mar 09
As a guy I can definitely say that I don't ever want to be given flowers lol. Even if I was sick in hospital, I just don't get the whole flower thing. I buy my girlfriend flowers and she gets so excited about them - how they smell, how pretty they are etc. For me.... I don't see it. They're just flowers lol. So if someone were to give me flowers as a present, I wouldn't be overly thrilled.