Strang Way to Help Lose Weight~~

March 14, 2009 2:12am CST
Women or men; Elder or young. There is no lack of people crazy about being thinner. I myself am a slender girl, and would like to share some manners to help lose weight. But, also I'd love to say it's only for a part of individuals. A. Help Eat Less. Here's the way and "theory" found out on campus, it's for those who are not really too fat and won't lose mind in front of delicious food. Girl around me talking about being on diet day and night, however, two years passed, she gained ponds. Seemingly, she eat much less than I do, and that's truth. I buy and eat almost whatever I want;luckily or unluckiy, I'm the girl liking eating so much---I don't mean all those high in fat and sugar, besides the ice-cream, chocolate... when I want to eat some fruit, special dish, or some cake, I do it.when I did this, I was content,physically and mentally. and that's the kinda happiness from taste to heart. After that, and after enough I had I want, I won't think about the delicious anyway. then I'm full into other business. It's another case for the girl mentioned, She tried hard to resist her urge to eat, and always in a statust of being not content. Or, more specifically, her taste and appetite are not happy with their master. SO she always get some desire for some delicious food. When chances come, she become out of control... we can imagine that picture. Therefore, the point is, to get the thing you want to eat, and have it till enough. Here I dont mean "too much" and out of control. When you have done so, your mouth will not keep thinking about eating this or that. In the long run, you eat less and more healthily; maybe, at the beginng, this way may help gain your weight. But don't worry about it. B. To eat more rice rather than food made of flour. This may help you body in nice figure. Don't have to dismiss all kinds of meat, except the fat, since I don't like it personally. But you may get some bites if you like, just not frequently. Don't say no to vegetables and fruits you love. c. For girls who don't like muscles, especially that in legs. If everything promises, rest your legs as much as possible. Lay them down on bed; or sit comfortably in chair, stretch them onto the dest in front of you, as long as no one else scolded you for this. And If you'r not lazy, raise and stretch the legs up in the air, when you lie in bed at night, for some time as you wish. D. I suggest Yoga for those who like doing exercises, but avoid muscles. Yeah, here'r some tips from my personal life, and they work. though I'm not an expert on this; Maybe it's for or not for you, but I do like to share with all of you, and hoping to some extent they help a little.
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