ferrari: red or black?

@dlj817 (46)
March 14, 2009 6:21am CST
cars..i really love cars..if only i have the money to buy my own..i lav fast cars..that would be a ferrari, right? would you like it red or black?
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@chiswhiz (12)
• Mexico
22 Nov 09
red!! its the best color for a ferrari, its the original one.
@Wadon30 (210)
• Malaysia
4 Sep 09
Black, Red is too bright!
• India
26 Jun 09
red ferrari - The other name of Ferrari is the Red Ferrari
The other name of Ferrari is the Red Ferrari, so its obvious that red is the best on a Ferrari.
• Philippines
17 Jul 09
well,,as you know in my previous it so obvious that my favorite color is really red..but you know to this discussion you might wonder why i will go for a black color options , know why a color black represents the corporate style of your even red is my favorite color i will insist i will have to say yes for black's corporate anyway..
@simonelee (2716)
• China
11 Aug 09
If i own Ferrari i would like it to be red because it won't be a Ferrari if it is not red. Red is sexy and has strong symbolism as life and vitality. It brings focus to the essence of life and living with emphasis on survival. =p
• Malaysia
17 Jun 09
Red. Refinitely red.Buying a Ferrari with other colors is just like buying the car without an engine.Scuderia 430 in red. Just beautiful to look at for the whole day.
@jayguar (273)
• India
18 Mar 09
I don't like my cars black. Thats just my taste. To me a Ferrari should definitely be Red and then maybe yellow.
@Vandall (37)
• Malaysia
18 Mar 09
i prefer a red ferrari. red ferrari is just so cool. even the ferrari team in F1 now is in red colour.
@baressi43 (458)
• Romania
4 Jun 09
I like ferrari but the color?I prefer red for this automobile type
@mathss1 (1181)
• United States
3 Apr 09
Black one
@benny128 (3615)
14 Mar 09
red of course, black just isnt a ferrari,
@oxtihama (91)
• Philippines
16 Mar 09
although i don't know how to drive a car, but a really like those cars that are color black, it is quite elegant to look.. how i wish to own a new car too, i can't just imagine when it be, or will it be possilble or not? hehehe, well, everything is just in my dreams, don't know how do i owned mine... but, who knows? if you buy yours, i will say better to have it color black..