Your junk food intake weekly

@bignik (273)
March 14, 2009 7:54am CST
Hi to all , do we count all the junk foods we intake during the week , well i guess that almost all of us do intake some type of unhealthy food during the week because of time and other factors like work , but i personaly am cutting down on almost all unhealthy food like potato crisps , chocolate bars , candy , sweets and also see that i am actualy saving some money as well , always try to carry some fresh fruits with me or prepare a salad to take to work , i would appreciate other tips on healthy eating , greetings bignik
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• India
14 Mar 09
Well now you have decided to stay away from junk food. That's good. Now decide to sip healthy drinks also. Go for fruit and vegetable juices instead of colas and other artificial drinks. You will be heathy. :)
@bignik (273)
• Italy
14 Mar 09
Hi wordseller , thanks for your response , i realy never like colas or other fizzy drinks , and do use fruit and veggie juice, greetings bignik
@agv0419 (3027)
• Philippines
6 May 09
I'm also avoiding eating junk foods because I know that this is not good for our body. Sometimes I get tempted but I limit my consumption of junk foods. It is hard to resist the temptations what I do I substitute my dessert to fruits. I eat more fruits now and vegetables. Now that there are many cases of cancers so I try to eat healthy than before.
@marguicha (126754)
• Chile
25 Apr 09
I congratulate you. That´s what I have to do. I don´t eat junk food out, but I prepare many times wonderful and deadly junk food at home. I love mayo, I love bettering the bread as if it was a piece of cheese, I love omelettes and all kinds of fried food.WAAA Now the doctor jsut told me that if I wanted to have a decent back, I´d have to shed 20 pounds. Maybe I should go to the super with another kind of list