being invisible

March 14, 2009 10:28am CST
wht if 1 day u wake up and find that no one can see u .wht will be ur reaction and wht advantages will u take of these situations.
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@loudcry (1044)
• India
24 Jun 09
First of all, I hope I will turn visible in a couple of days .I will visit some old palaces and historic sites in India. I have noticed that many portions of these sites are not open to public. I would like to enter these forbidden places. Otherwise, I am preety happy being visible to others.
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@gloamglozer (1285)
• Australia
21 Jun 09
When I wake up to find myself invisible then it'd probably be in shock initially but then I would use it to pull pranks on people most likely. Hopefully I'd be invisible with clothes on as well so that it doesn't feel weird walking around naked. After doing some pranks then I'd probably deliberately hold hold objects in the air to freak other people out.
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@daliaj (5681)
• India
1 Apr 09
Lol. This is a very interesting question. I will love to be invisible for a few days, but I don't want to extent it for a long time. I will go with my husband and see what he is doing at his work place and I will come back and suprise him by saying he did all those things. I will go to my house and see what my parents, sister, and brother are doing, whether they are talking about me, etc. I will enjoy it for sure. Thanks for your response to one of my discussions. Happy mylotting.
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@tinam13 (839)
• United States
29 Mar 09
invisible - man in invisble coat
i would LOVE to be invisible. i would probably freak out first but then start loving it. the things i would have to do would be to mess with friends and family. that would be hilarious. my brothers and my friends. it's weird because i've thought about this plenty of times.
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@agrim94 (3807)
• India
28 Mar 09
Hmm interesting question.. well if i became invisible for a day and can move with the speed of light than i would try to find the leaders of all terrorist groups and probably trying to bring them to law.
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@myx_03 (540)
• Philippines
21 Jun 09
If i am invisible i can be a "HERO". You are given a chance to be like that so use it for good.
@qinqinoen (127)
• China
16 Apr 09
It is very interesting.I never think about the question before.Maybe i will go to see my parents and friends and give them a surprise.Maybe i will become a mystery woman who can help the people in danger or in trouble.But i think it will not be intresting for a long time.If my parents and all my friends couldn't see me for a long time they will be worried about me.
@ajithlal (14615)
• India
2 Apr 09
I think this is one of the good question that I have seen. I don't know what to do. I think I will most probably will try to become like superheroes like in the movies and try to help the poor people and destroy the evil people. I think it will very be very fun to become invisible.