Moments of Indecisiveness

@zahfran (851)
March 14, 2009 12:21pm CST
Hi fellow myLotters, you guys probably encountered many moments of indecisiveness in your life. Like what should I eat? What do I wear? etc... What do you guys do in such situations? For me, I will flip a coin. This only works when deciding two options though. But so far, I find it is the best method around.
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@snowneo (116)
• Canada
14 Mar 09
Clothes, for me is whatever is But if I am in line to order and I really cant choose what I want then I will just order the same thing the person in front of me did.
@zahfran (851)
• Singapore
14 Mar 09
hi snowneo, That's really cool. I haven't really tried that. Maybe I'll do that the next time. It gets kinda boring flipping coins, plus the coins might just slip and drop into the drain. There goes a 1 dollar.. ;P