are you straight forward ?

March 15, 2009 1:19am CST
i found a lot of people who are very straight forward like me. i tell the thing which is insede me. no matter that hearts to anyone. i react honestly and dont hesitate to speak the truth. some day a person (My relative) came to my office to borrow some money from me. he assured me that he will pay back within a month. but after passing two months i was concerning with my friends what to do? they told me to have patience.but i didnt listen to them . i was very hard up then and didnt wait for a single day. i called him. he disconnected my call. after that i went to his house. at that time he was at home. he told his wife to tell lie that he was not at home then. his wife did according to him. but i didnt listen to him. i just rushed inside his house amd caught him. i knew that he had the money because he sold some property at that time and had a lot money in his hand. i called his wife and mother in law and expose every thing. i told them about his problem, the reason for borrowing money. i spoke so straight forward that he was bound to pay me back the borrowed money. have you faced any incident like this ? are you straight forward ?
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@gelay07 (589)
• Philippines
16 Mar 09
i am a straight forward in terms of everything. i always have something to say in whatever there is a need to ask my opinion on. I refrain from being such coz they say i hurt people. i just couldn't keep my mouth shut. lol.
@nomoso (652)
• India
15 Mar 09
I am not at all straight forward and i don't share things with my friends or parents much. I don't like this character of mine but still i am like this i am trying to come out of this but stubborn and not showing interest in socializing.. But socializing is the best thing to have fun, its a stress buster. and all these relate to being straight forward. nice discussion..
@kumarpslv (3216)
• India
15 Mar 09
I am very straight forward I will never hesitate to react harshly to others if I found wrong with them and I also will not mind to ask excuse or sorry if I found the mistakes are in my side. But matter related with the money, I will not be very rude to others as we gain earn money easily but not the men. Because of this habit of have lost lot with my friends and relatives.We have to be flexible in some cases.