I think therefor I am ! Or not ?

@NrgDfenZ (1810)
March 15, 2009 12:50pm CST
Hi all Today I stumbled upon a sentence by "René Descartes": "Je pense donc je suis", or in English, "I think therefor I am".. This sentence got me thinking.. All day long I've been thinking about it, and well from one side it seem so true, yet on the other side it isn't true at all.. I think it is true because you must be here, in the present, if you can think, that's the whole point of it :D But on the other side, if you die for example, then you aren't here anymore according to that line, but you're body and all the other remains are still there.. So why wouldn't we be here anymore.. It makes no sense to me, I think we "are" from the second we are born, and start our life, and build up an existance, because all the things we leave behind were the things that defined us, that made us to who we are, and I just said it: "to who we ARE".. Do you agree to this or do you have another opinion on it ? Please share it with me.. Thx :)
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• Philippines
15 Mar 09
hi there, NrgDfenz.. Descartes' statement actually pertains to our responses. In 'layman's terms' it means, "I am what I think." Most of the time, the only REAL things we have control of are not things but our 'responses' to circumstances, people's attitudes and even God. Most of us are 'in the dark' regarding the 'concept' of God. Some view God simply as a philosophical, metaphysical or transcendental piece of doctrine or belief and this leads to a disbelief or unbelief in a Higher Power that has FULL control of everything that happens on this planet and in the universe. Others view God in the same manner they would the next box-office movie or PSP game, or in medieval times, a genie in the lamp. What we think of God highly impacts our responses and our character and our responses have both an indirect and direct in our psyche and well-being. Of course, all of this is just my opinion and I would like to make it clear that I do not intend to elicit a debate. (This is a sort of 'disclaimer' in case someone is reading this post in a rather 'debating' tone.) happy myLotting!