Is their any age to gain Knowledge

March 16, 2009 5:06am CST
As i think there is no Age limit to gain Knowledge as it is very important because no one can become 100% perfect in any subject or organisation Requirements.
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@louisex2 (204)
• India
16 Mar 09
yeah there's not limitations...whether u r baby,young or age person, u have the right to get knowledge...I agree with u that no one can become 100% perfect in all fields...some r experts in computers, some in science, some in history & some in social-science[/i]...I haven't seen a any person having 100% knowledge of all fields...did u?
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• Pakistan
18 Mar 09
From the first day of our life up to the end of seventh year is the best age to learning. We learn 70 percent in starting seven years of our life. And we learn remaining 30 percent in rest of our life. We learn talking, we learn walking, we learn playing, we learn reading in short we learn living in the beginning of our life. It means that starting seven years of our life are best to gain the knowledge. I am agree that there is no age limit to gain the knowledge but we should also remember that brain becomes weak and it shrinks in old age. early seven years of life are like early in the morning, the time when we get our brain fresh. But we has no system to teach a little child. we start the education in early seven years and we teach the child that how can he read and write and also count. but this all is the basis we provide the child to gain the knowledge. If the basis is stable and strong, then the building of knowledge will also become strong and stable.
@ishi23 (71)
• United States
18 Mar 09
nope..there is no age to learn can go to school at any age and excel as well. I have amazing story to share. When i was going to grad school , one of my class mates was veteran soldier who could not finish his studied due to war and later on he got busy with other things. Now at the age of 70+ he decided to finish his school. He was so proud to get his degree. During the graduation ceremony, when his name was called, everybody gave him a standing ovation for his interest in studies. I guess the moral of the story is that actually its never late to gain knowledge. You can gain knowledge by not only going to school but self - reading also.
• Indonesia
16 Mar 09
Yap there is no limit to gain knowledge agree with you but after gain knowledge, what will we do with our knowledge is important thing ^_^
@CJscott (4182)
• Canada
16 Mar 09
The best ages to gain knowledge are from birth to age 5. Everything you learn from there is just improving on something you already know. But no, it really does never end.