Online Dating, Should I Forget Her? Should I Move On?

March 16, 2009 5:34am CST
I have been in love for a girl in another country for over a year. We were in touch and I know she loves me too. We have not met in person but I am going to her country and her city for my postgraduate studies in June/July and I will meet her too. We were used to be in touch by email 3/4 times a month by email and we spent lots of time chatting and talking online about so many things. During this over a year time, she disappeared for 3/4 months by blocking her email address and not replying to me without letting me know what happened.Then it turned out that she was not in love with me like I thought. She said that she was dating another boy and then he left her for some reason. She said that she was devastated now because she has betrayed me and also her heart! She felt devastated because now she may has lost me as well. So I promised to meet her there as soon as possible. She knows that I am waiting for my student visa. I was supposed to be there in February but now I will be there with delay because I faced with delay of getting the visa. Last week when I tried to let her know that I will arrive with delay, seemed that her email is blocked means that she is seeing someone again. I dont know what should I do? Should I let her go? Should I forget her and be open to others? Should I go to that country? Do you think it is a betrayal? Last time she said she would wait for me forever! I think she has the right to see someone instead of waiting for me that I am not there now. I am confused. Are all girls like this? So, what about loyalty and being faithful? This is driving me crazy. What have done wrong? What should I do now?
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• United States
17 Mar 09
Let her has no guarantees...and don't expect too much from online relationship. I met my husband online I wasn't ditching him while we were apart because I was and am interested. If the girl is showing negative signs that tells you that she is not interested. Don't waste time and move on. Lots of fishes in the sea
@bamrahkirti (1823)
• India
16 Mar 09
You should leave her and move on in life.She has betrayed you once for someone else knowingly well that you love her.She is just using you as an option. She has blocked her email means she does not want to contact with you whatever the reasons could be. I advice you to move ahead in your life and concentrate on your studies.