Are you afraid of snakes?

March 16, 2009 10:03am CST
I love a lot of animals, such as dogs, cats or squirrels. However, I am very afraid of snakes. Maybe because they bite people or some of them are poisonus. And their body is cold just like the ice. So are you afraid of snake? I know some people keep snake as pet? For me, I do not dare to do that.
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• Australia
9 Apr 09
Here in Australia we have a great variety of these handsome creatures, including 9 of the 10 most venomous. Please note that I said "venomous" rather than dangerous. Snakes are not aggressive; they will either ignore people or, more often, try to escape. People are bitten from time to time here, either because they stepped on a snake or tried to kill it... the snake was just trying to protect itself. All snakes are protected animals in Australia. It is illegal to kill them, and you need a permit to keep them, as many people do, either as pets or to control vermin, like rats (they are cleaner and easier to keep than cats). As to being frightened of them: care and respect are appropriate, but more people die from bee stings every year than have been killed by snakes in the last century, and who is afraid of bees? I don't know where you ga7ot the idea that they feel cold like ice. They are cold blooded, but that just means they rely on the warmth of the sun to maintain their body heat. If they are awake active, they are warm to the touch. You get cold at night' so do they. But while you can wamm yourself up, they need an external source of heat to regulate their body temp.
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@moneymommy (3419)
• United States
16 Mar 09
I am very scared of snakes and I would never own one. I am especially scared of the wild ones and poisonous ones YUK!
• China
17 Mar 09
When we get out, we really need to watch out. Since they may hurt us.
@Archie0 (4666)
16 Mar 09
Yes i too have a great love towards animals but i really get scared of snakes, but more than smakes i get scared of lizards. yuck i just hate them too much. because look horrible and i seriously will die if anyone play a prank with me on it too. because i am very much afraid to it. snakes i hardly see any so i am not much worried but lizards are such.. oh god! i am mad for them..i hate them
• China
17 Mar 09
Yes, lizard looks really horrible. I hate them too.