March 16, 2009 12:25pm CST
when was mylot started?????????
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@springs (926)
• India
16 Mar 09
That was an excellant question.................. but i don't know the answer.Hehe.. Keep smiling and keep mylotting.Bye
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@limbo9uu (134)
• China
17 Mar 09
mylot has insisted for a very long time. i don't know when the stations opened,but i know it is not eay to survive, especially the US economic crisis affects its development. the original has a lot of similar sites, but because a lot of trash or other posts ,then shut down. mylot insist to today and developed to near 20 million members, i think it's a wander .
@user_786 (1338)
16 Mar 09
zahfran's answer seems to be more correct :)
• Indonesia
16 Mar 09
Below the information about mylot server from whois: Created: 2004-09-03 Expires: 2009-09-03 Updated: 2007-06-29 I think mylot started not long after registration. Happy myLotting.
@zahfran (851)
• Singapore
16 Mar 09
Hello, I believe it started about 2000 years ago when humans were not on Earth yet. Dinosaurs have been myLotting back then. But of course, they will not show it on the Discovery Channel. They only show that dinosaurs fight and eat each other up. As they believe humans to be the smarter species and they do not want to create misunderstandings amongst men. Hahahaha.. But on a more serious note, I believe myLot started around 3 years ago. Some of the people I talked to seems to suggest this. Or you can look up the domain name or read their terms of service. I'm sure they have it somewhere. At the moment, I'm lazy to do either of these two. Hahaha.. Happy mylotting! :)