Tem Edward vs. Team Jacob

@megumiart (3771)
United States
March 16, 2009 5:10pm CST
Since the twilight hype hit the mainstream, some fans have been picking "teams" to be on; Team Edaward [vampires] or Team Jacob [werewolves]. Which would you pick? I'd definately be on Team Edward. I like the vampires way better than the werewolves. Jacob and co. are just to rough and outdoor-sy for me.
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@tabachi (263)
• Philippines
26 Mar 09
team edward of course...he is the main man in the twilight saga...there can be no comparisson between edward and jacob....this is a vampire love story!
@JoEy137 (17)
• United States
16 Mar 09
OMG!!! finally!!! a twilight one! YAY! i personally am a team Edward all the way!!! yes what he did to Bella in new moon would cause people to hate him but i on the other hand understand WHY he did what he did. i dont blame him at all. sure the first time i read it i practically THREW my book across the room but hey at the time i had NO idea why he did it! all i could think was HOW DARE HE?! lol. i really didnt start to like Jacob till Breaking Dawn! thats when i figured out WHY he was so drawn to Bella! lol. when Edward and Jacob went out to talk alone away from the house i wanted to jump in the book and yell at Edward saying WHAT THE CRAP?! SHARE BELLA?! i swear Edward lost his mind but i also understood him once again! and the one person in the whole series i can relate to the most is Bella! but any who i loved twilight so much i read it 8x New Moon 5x Eclipse 3x and Breaking Dawn 2x. i practically memorized all 4 books! lol but omg thanks for starting the first Twilight discussion ive seen so far!!!=}