How often you rent movies?

United States
March 16, 2009 9:14pm CST
Do you rent movies often? I knew that every new release will available on Tuesday, every week. Either me or my brother went to brother rent one or two new releases once a week. Recently, I am gotten busy myself, so I reduce the amount of time watching movie lately. How about you? Some of my friends sign up with netflix, they got 2 - 3 movies a time, and keep on going after they return the DVDs.
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• India
17 Mar 09
it is quite rare when i rent movies. in yesteryears i usually rent movies when i had not a proper connection of internet now i just download all movies
@laydee (12811)
• Philippines
17 Mar 09
This is a funny thing here in my area. The rental stores charge more than if you buy DVDs around (sadly there are a lot of good quality pirated DVDs in my area). So, we no longer rent. We buy. Yes, I know people would say that it's bad and piracy is bad and all. But it's there, available for anyone. So, we just buy. We buy at the average of perhaps around 5 a month. Then we just pass it on to relatives and friends, and they pass theirs to us too. That sort of deal.
@cburns401 (101)
• United States
17 Mar 09
I used to rent movies every week, first going to the store, then on netflix. now i download most of the things I watch cause I can't afford cable or movie theaters.
@tman555 (162)
• Canada
17 Mar 09
I rent new DVDs almost every Friday to watch for the coming weekend. If I want to watch an old movie and reminisce, I just go to the library to see if I can find it, just to cut down on the rental costs. I always watch movies, either on TV, or on DVD. When I'm not able to go to Blockbusters or Rogers Video, I just go and try to find a good movie on Space or Spike. I don't use netflix, because I just usually don't like ordering things online, because it's just not the way I like to do things.