i am jobless!

March 16, 2009 10:30pm CST
well, this is it! finally, after 6 years of job, i am finally free now! meaning... i am jobless. i don't know how would i really feel right now. part of me is happy because i can finally look for the job that i really wanted to. but this doesn't mean that i hate my previous job, it just came out that i got tired of the routine i had done for 6 years. another part of me feels sad... coz i've been on that company long enough for me to establish a good working relationship, and almost a family-like atmosphere to everybody. after resigning, i immediately congratulated myself because right there and then, i can move on and hope to catch up with the things that i felt i left behind so many years ago. its kinda weird coz i also felt regret that i should have resigned 4 years ago. just because i didn't have enough courage to resign, it took me years before i finally say i'm gonna resign. i felt that i had wasted soooo much time with that company. it was a bittersweet memory and so much regrets. but i guess, i just gotta move on and as of now... i'm in the middle of nowhere, relaxing and enjoying my life! :)
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