He suddenly stop my site. What should I do now?

@welllll (117)
March 17, 2009 12:07am CST
It happen www.ptchosting.biz/ site. I spent US$99 to help me create a site. But suddenly he angry for no telling me what happen and he stop helping me the site. Actually, it just a few step to complete my site. I don't know why he angry at me, he always keep saying I insult him or I ungrateful. I can say I swear, I promise, I confirm didn't say him anything bad thing on him and then he scold bad word at me. My site become useless without he help and also I don't have my password for the site. It like paying $99 for nothing, I'm the one angry and he said good that I'm angry. So what to do now, I please him, I sorry him and the end he ask for more money. Ok fine, I pay it for help few step to complete, then suddenly he change he mind and he said waste his time. I really really don't know why he angry with me. He also said I wasting his time, crazy keep ask him for help. Of course I'm crazy, I already paid $99 and it like getting nothing. If you the person like wasting $99 for nothing, what will you do? Is there anyone can tell me what to do now? I just want to complete my site and get my password.
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