Twins, Identical or Fraternal? Which one would you like?

March 17, 2009 1:48am CST
If you were pregnant, told that you are having twins and if you had a choice, would you like to have an identical or fraternal twins? Just to clarify, Identical twins are twins having the same gender, like girl-girl or boy-boy. Fraternal twins are twins with one being a boy and the other a girl. So which one would like and why? And if you would like an identical twins, what gender would you like and why? I like both actually but if it would be identical I want it to be girls since I've always wanted to have a baby girl if ever I get pregnant. How about you?
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@SKYRYNE (100)
• Philippines
23 Mar 09
Hi..! i have a twin and we're both a girl. The 1st time to 2nd you'll see us you will say we're identical but after a days you will often see us u will see we're just a siblings and not like a twin. But we're a good friend and best frined since in elementary school. we're very sweet but if we have things to be arguing nobody will fall down our pride we always want to win for our conversation.. thats why we're best friend and best enemy. Now she's laready married a have 1 boy kid. Me, im still single ( hahahahaha ) she's a winner.. Anyway, having a twin sister is the best and its very lucky..We got a very very good funny experience when we both single. we're helping with each other. It seems like ( we dont need any friend as long as we're together in good and bad frined ( toink!!) Happy mylotting
• India
19 Mar 09
Hi lotter ,iam married for last thirteen years and have two sons,they both are not twins,they are in the gapo of three years and still i faced many problems to bring them up,so i dont know how can you think about twins ,whether identical or fraternal.I wish you allthe best for you delivery may god give you what you want and either twins or not ,either girl or boy ,the main thing is that the baby or the babies should be healthy and the mother also ,just try to be happy and dont worry ,allmighty god is there to take care of every thing ,what he has decided is best for leave it upon him.