your department head is not capable enough anymore to handle the team

March 17, 2009 4:24am CST
my department head is not capable anymore to handle the team, my other co-workers have resigned from their work. the others are still working but doing not good anymore and some keep on having tardiness in work. i am also is affected because i can not handle anymore the environment and what is happening in the department. what shpould i do?
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@rlhynne (11)
• Philippines
21 Mar 09
So long as you still want to work in that organization and you still want your company to survive, it is better if you would suggest to your Human Resource Management Center to have some actions about the problem. HRM head may conduct seminars regarding leadership and develoment not just for the head but for the whole team. Through Seminar, the head and subordinates will be re acquinted with thier role and responsibilities. that the head will act as a leader in your organization. He will be reminded also on how to handle a team productively. Another suggestion is to conduct a team building in your department sa that interaction between the head and subordinates will develop wherein openness and clarification of the role of each employee will be reminded.
@chelord (13)
• Philippines
20 Mar 09
Gosh, that would be a great great problem. It would be a disaster having a head who is not capable of managing the department. But in the first place, why is he hired as a head if he is incapable of doing such thing? First, you must talk to the head and tell him your concerns. And maybe suggest to your boss to announce a meeting for all of the employees under him to discuss as a group the problem you are in. I do salute you for having a concern with that situation instead of just do what your coworkers doing.