my new co worker was not asking a question.....

March 17, 2009 4:38am CST
i have a new co-worker which he replace my old partner. i train him in our work when he arrive, because it is season of alot of work, i train him so fast and i train him all in about two days. i ask him if he have any question, he reply No. the problem oocurs when i have a leave after 1 month, he do not know what to do anymore, you will see to him that he know everything. what should i do.?
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@rlhynne (11)
• Philippines
21 Mar 09
The new recruit lacks training and development. He needs also acquintances for him to be more open with each and every employee in the organization. Maybe he just fell shy because he is just a new recruit in the organization. But for me it is better to ask and ask question so that you will be acquited of everything in the organization. That is what I did during my first weeks of being a student assistant in our school and it resulted nice. You should advice your co_worker to ask question if did not understand what to do. Let him also attend a workshop or seminars so that his skills will be enhanced and improved. _))
@donnalea (10)
• Philippines
20 Mar 09
That is really a graet problem!! You should confront or talk to your co-worker to clear things up right.. And tell him again about the things that he still needs to know about his work.. And also remind him that if he needs anything, just be free to approach you!!1