What happens after death ? My version..

@NrgDfenZ (1810)
March 17, 2009 9:33am CST
Hi all I saw something today on tv, and this got me started. It was a scene from a show, don't remember the show anymore, but in the scene a man died, and the other people speculated about what would happen to his soul. It got me thinking about the afterlife. I don't think there is an afterlife, I hope there is, but it just makes no sense to me. Like why are we here when the afterlife is infinite and beautiful. Perhaps we are here so that our "God" can make a choice on where to put us, heaven or hell. Perhaps there is no heaven nor is there a hell, perhaps it is only a large table, and how you act in this life determines where you may take place, close to "God" or at the very opposite end. I know this is a strange way to look at it, but I can not prove it nor can you disprove it, perhaps I am right, perhaps you are right. That's the beauty of death, that there are so many possibilities, it is not death, it is an extension of life, that you need to "earn" by giving up the treasures of this world. now you can say, I don't want to give up these treasures, but I don't think you can decide over that, I think there is some kind of force that decides who gets the "chance" to go to that other world. Maybe I am just overthinking it and it could be much simpler, if you are an atheïst you could say you go to the earth, and turn into a tree, but then again, is that really better than believing in the afterlife ? I myself am an atheïst, and with that past line, I destroyed my own beliefs, I don't know if I want that, to turn into a tree, nor is it more logical to believe in something after death. I hope we will be visited by our "creater(s)" and I hope they can clarify it all for us.. But then again, I don't want that either, it would destroy the mysticism of death, and that is, in a strange way, the beauty of death... Thx
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17 Mar 09
i don't know but i think that better i do somethings what can make everybody happy and useful for everybody, so i will give all of my life to the GOD