United States
March 17, 2009 2:02pm CST
My partner and i have been in a poly relationship now for four years. We both love each other greatly and are super happy with one another. There are no real problems with our relationship and we both have an absolute blast with each other, always. So with that said, I must also say that we both have giant hearts and want to share our love with more than just each other. My partner ,prior to "us", was mostly interested in pretty girls with big big brains. I also was into pretty girls with big big brains. I am sure this is part of what attracted us to each other. We have met a few women in the four years we have been together, but none have been keepers yet. So far all we have experienced is being used. Either for a one night stand or personal experience and then there is nothing. There was one girl that actually stuck around for a couple of weeks, only to find out that she too was just a lie and was sleeping with another man the whole time and just wanted to hurt him for being a jerk. Both of us refuse to be jaded by these experiences. It's not that we feel lonely, it's just that we have more to give. We are starting to lose hope of meeting someone to fill up our home though. So, mylotters, what are your experiences? What are your thoughts on poly relationships.
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