which one is better, mcdonald's or burger king

United States
March 17, 2009 6:23pm CST
I don't really like going to a fastfood restaurant. I like to cook at home so the food is fresh and tasty, but once on a blue moon i'll pull up to a fast food restaurant to order something. What about you between McDonald and Burger king, which one do you prefer?
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• Indonesia
18 Mar 09
i think mcdonald is the better one
@Krissta (90)
• Canada
17 Mar 09
Personally this is a constant fight in our family when we decide to take the kids out for a quick bite to eat. I rather McDonald's and my husband would rather Burgerking, and the kids are just happy to be going out anywhere. I fnd Burgerking wayyyy to greasy and their food tastes like the grease has been used wy to many times.. But hell Imma happy when I dont have to cook at all, so we just take turns!
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
17 Mar 09
hmmm mcDonalds I think although all these places have a lot to offer, I love Mcdonalds but then there is Hungry Jacks, they have the best vegie burger, it is delicious, so i would be happy to go to any of them...