I Just want to be HAPPY!!!

United States
March 17, 2009 7:03pm CST
I guess I'm just feeling down right now. Everything I do seems so wrong. I only wished for simple things but why can't they be materialized? I just want to be happy but I can't feel a speck of happiness. Help!
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• India
18 Mar 09
I also used to feel the same earlier, when things never worked for me, when whatever i expected turned out giving me lots of disappointment, but then, god is always there, i am happy now, you have to just wait and watch patiently for the right time to come, be positive and do things calmly and coolly, dont expect anything when you do anything, be courageous and accept whatever comes on your way, soon you will be happy again. its just that sometimes things wont work for us and its more because of the way we think. so, relax your mind, stay cool and be positive. all the very best.
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• United States
18 Mar 09
Right. Happiness is a state of mind. Thanks
@paula27661 (15898)
• Australia
18 Mar 09
I can relate because I often feel like that. Sometimes when you wish for something it seems that everything is against you and near impossible to achieve even when your desires are not exactly extravagant or selfish. I've been working on making a little money working part-time freelance writing after I worked very hard and completed a freelance journalism course and I have met so many obstacles you just wouldn't believe, from computer problems to having articles published and not been paid. The trick is to hang in there and turn it all to the Universe and with a little patience things will work out. I wonder when we try to force issues whether we are actually delaying the outcome. I hope your dreams come true we have to keep moving forward we have come too far to stop now! Good luck to you!
@kunalvijan (3413)
• India
21 Mar 09
dont take tension god only taking ur test... if u havnt done anything wrong with anyone god will also wont do wrong with you...
@underdogtoo (9589)
• Philippines
20 Mar 09
Happiness for me comes from the inside and not from having things happen to me. I don't have a job right now, I have no money and no prospects. My computer monitor is busted and I have been hoping for the past five days that it will be fixed. I am happy today. I woke up before sunup and I did my meditation and thanked God for my life and the chance to change my difficult situation. Cheers!!
@ajithlal (14615)
• India
18 Mar 09
It happens to most people. You are not alone. In the past, I also felt that whatever I do is wrong and I am making mistakes and nobody cares about me and I was very sad and depressed. Well first of all I realized that I need not be perfect and need not be accurate in all things I do to become happy. Next I realized that I does not need a particular place or thing to become happy. There are thousands of things to do that makes a person happy. Go to beach feel the water in your legs. Take a chocobar. Go for a movie. Go to places where you like. Visit old friends. Take some mouthwatering food. Simply chat with someone. There are lots and lots of things that can make us happy.