God's friendship with Abraham

March 17, 2009 9:32pm CST
God's Friendship With Abraham God considered Abraham a very close friend, to whom he cannot hide his plan. God revealed his secrets to his close friends. God reserve his friendship to only few choice believers who reserve their first place in their hearts exclusively for him. There is one thing in this life we should seek the most, more than anything else, it is no other than the friendship of God. His friendship is not really that hard to possess. It only depends upon our hearts. We should have a heart that fallows hard after God. We should have a constant desire to seek Him above anything else in our life. We should maintain a pure heart that is completely possessed by Him alone What can you say about this ?
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18 Mar 09
You are so right about having God as our friend and maintaining a pure heart. This takes time, quiet time with God. I also love to read about the people who trusted in God throughout the Bible. How inspiring and instructional it is. I love to read about all those that followed God. One of my favorites of the Old Testament is King David. I am amazed at how many of the Psalms he wrote. When reading the psalms or even singing them, they lift me up and joy fills my heart. David had such a deep understanding of God. How trusting Daniel was all of his life as he served under multiple Kings. He had such boldness when confronted with problems. He never wavered. How easy it would have been to just blend in and eat what everyone else was eating as a young man. How easy it would have been to pray privately or not at all when confronted about prayers. How much the Apostle John was filled with love by walking with Jesus. The gospel John wrote gave us some of the most beautiful words from Jesus as Jesus was getting ready to sacrifice His life for us. I have always loved the Apostle Peter and how he stumbled so many times in his life and yet Jesus loved him so much. He was a man who greatly repented and was greatly forgiven. How much God has given us in His Word to move us into a close relationship with Him through prayer, study, listening to His guidance, etc. Thank you for this question.
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18 Mar 09
Thank you sysdexlicwriter for sharing your insights, they are great. I appreciate it much.
@Zo0mZo0m (1357)
• United States
2 Apr 09
What can I say about this? Who can refute the things of the Lord? It's Spirit and truth and I wholeheartedly agree! That's what I can say. God bless you.