@jane9147 (252)
March 18, 2009 1:33am CST
my friend's gmail and orkut accounts were hacked, what does she have to do? what does one need to do when somebody hacks his/her e-mail accounts?
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• India
1 Apr 09
If your friend remember the Security Question, she can reset her password, otherwise she have to start a new account... Remember these things to do when creating an account. . . * Always choose a Strong Password (Combination of Numbers and Letters) * Don't Share Your Password with Anyone * Don't post your email id on public places like forums etc. * Choose a security question and always give wrong answer for that question, but you must remember the answer. * Don't give any alternate email.
@skyblue (1299)
• India
1 Apr 09
Suppose if you surfing your gmil or orkut account in a cyber cafe and you did not log out your account properly and you leave the place.After that, if any one sit on that computer and trying to open gmai, he/she may see your account, and he can do any thing with your account. Firstly you have to tell to your friend that, change her orkut password and orkut related email password. If she use her home computer then, advice her to use Ccleaner to clean log files in computer.
@rockroy (65)
• Hong Kong
19 Mar 09
If she remember this security question, she can reset her password. If not, she have to lost her account. You know they are free services. That happened to my friend, too. And he forget this security question, he have to register another account. Remember never register your favorite email accounts on any site.
• Philippines
18 Mar 09
Change the password immediately?