Have you ever asked God for the truth?

@limlobin (103)
March 18, 2009 1:50am CST
The truth in life. Have you asked Him for it. I don't think a human being would know it without maturity, understanding and enlightenment. Can we ask God for it? I once asked for it. To see the truth. I was thirteen at that time. I was neither mature nor understanding. I don't know if it was pyschological but all I remember that what I saw was painful. The pain of others. Signs that show how poor the world had been. And I asked God to take it back. So I, unexpectedly forgot all the things I saw and interpreted. All I remember was that those were painful sights. What God gave me was like a way to interpret what I see in the world. I'm not sure if I interpreted things correctly. I asked forgiveness for the wish that I wasn't able to stand up for. It has been years and I am trying to ask it back but it seems that I am not able to gain it anymore. Maybe I'm still not prepared or maybe I'm punished for my selfish wish. Have you experienced this? If not, I recommend that you ask for this when you are ready... Because I made a big mistake for asking for something that I wasn't able to appreciate.
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• India
19 Mar 09
I fully agree with you.Asking God to be shown the Truth before we are ready will simply be unbearable. If one approaches God to reveal THE TRUTH we should be quick to add that do it in way I can take it my Lord! In the Gita when Arjuna was bestowed the beatific vision of His Grandeur, since it was He who deigned to do it, He said, " I shall first endow you with Divine Sight.Only then you will be able to behold it and not be shocked out of sanity" Once the vision was experienced Arjuna asked to be restored to normalcy!
@limlobin (103)
• Philippines
20 Mar 09
I see. So there are others too who may be able to ask for it. I guess I experienced the same with Arjuna.