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March 18, 2009 6:32am CST
How do you feel about learning an other language except of your native? And how that should be done? I agree with learning somethink new, so I like learning new languages, but I think that when we learn them, we ought to learn and the country's history, or at least their cultural elements..
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@freakaki (15)
• Greece
18 Mar 09
why learn and their culture? English is not ur native language but u do speak english. That means that u know the american culture too? I think that u can learn only part of the countrys culture only if u visit the country and stay there for a while. There are many traditions to be learnt. Ok with the history part u can learn it if u want but that has nothing to do with learning the language. You can read about their history only if u want to.
• Greece
19 Mar 09
my beloved freakaki I speak english, and I know many things about their history and culture, even though I've never been there.. As you know I learn French now.. so while I learn them, I try to study and learn some of their history and habbits.. cause language is a living organism.. so, in my opinion, if you want to learn it right, words only are not enough..
• China
20 Mar 09
I agree with you, when we start to learn new language, we must to gain some knowledge about its culture, history and habits. It is very important because we should understand the language and use it in daily life but not just learn it semantically.
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