My reading habits seem to change, how about you

March 18, 2009 7:54am CST
I don't know when it begin. But I recently realize that my reading habit has changed. It's like I am skipping from here to there, unwilling to read from the very begining to the end. I am sort of rushing through the book ,just to get some points. And sometimes, I just miss some things, and I feel like I don't see them. I try to read very word, but after five mintues or so,I am skipping again. Do you have similar experience. Do you think it's not good. If yes, what can I do to change this?
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• Philippines
18 Mar 09
I have the same experience, too. It's been a month when i noticed that my reading habits changed and it doesn't really matter whether i read the book or not. I think it has something to do with the lots of things to do in my job recently. I was consumed with those tasks that needs to be done that keeps me thinking even when i get home. I also tried to get back to reading but i find myself just staring at the pages. Perhaps it's not good but i don't think it's bad either. Actually, i still keep buying books whenever i see one that is within the area of my interests. I know that my reading habits will come back soon. So i just keep collecting books because reading is something that i really love doing. I think you just need to give yourself a break also.
• China
20 Mar 09
yeah,maybe I should do something else for sometime,then I will see
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