Reading a new Recipie... noticing portion size

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March 18, 2009 12:07pm CST
Ok so I got my Kraft spring mag in the mail the other day. I saw the appleslaw recipie and thought gee maybe my kids would like that in summer to eat. And being moms sneaky way of getting more veggies in their diets right?!?!? So I look @ the portion is say 12 half cup portions! Mind you they have pictured a very full bowl that has atleast 2 - maybe 3 cups worth wich if I was eating it as a meal itself for say lunch. I dunno I had to chuckle when I saw it....... that picture is not a half cup of anything! My kids could eat more than a half cup & my oldest is only 6! Makes a person wonder who @ Kraft came up with a half cup as a portion size & to get 12 of them from one pkg of chopped slaw & 2 apples.
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@lilybug (21145)
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18 Mar 09
Half a cup is the suggested serving size I bet. Most people can eat at least twice what a serving size is. Have you ever actually measured out a serving of cereal? My son can eat like 4 servings of cereal for breakfast.
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19 Mar 09
I just found it funny they were showing a good sized bowl and then the portions were tiny. I know my kids can do that too, hence why cereal doesn't last long in any house with kids.