im so depressed...

@grace24 (1050)
March 19, 2009 2:07am CST
what should i gonna do now?i didn't pass in my anatomy subject..that's my problem right now..i am not going to pass in my course to advance in my second year level. This morning i have a practical exam in anatomy, i did my best to review and get more knowledge as far as i can..but what happened? i gosh, i dont know what to do..this is very depressing. I did my best to pass, i dont even get enough sleep and very stressed this past few days because of reviewing my other subject. Why is it like this?I am very exhausted..i am very tired. What will i gonna say to my father? i know he will be mad of's very depressing because i pass in all of my subjects and i get high remarks in other subject..but in anatomy..what should i gonna do??i think i am going crazy..i did my best but it is still not enough..why?i am very tired of studying..i dont know what to
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19 Mar 09
Don't worry. Just tell your father that anatomy is a hard subject and it's standards are higher when they were in school. Only this time, get a tutor to help you or friends. Ask the teacher for clarifications, and take notes. Good luck taking this subject.