Are'nt you aware of having a heat stroke due to very hot day?

March 19, 2009 3:36am CST
I am very precautious nowadays because the rays of the sun is becoming very hot this summer, even if you put on sunblockers on your skin, you still have the risk of having a heat stroke. It is advisable to wear loose light clothes on. When you can feel that you can not resist the heat, then go to shady places first before entering any airconditioning places, because by doing so you can bypass a possible colapse of yourself that leads to a heat stroke. You can also prevent it by drinking and drinks that is not cold, but in natural temperature so that your body would not be shocked by the sudden change in temperature. When you are in a dpartment store you can eat and already consume any drinks which are very cold,but you can not leave the premises after you consume all the food and drinks to make your body be acquainted with the room temperature. How about you? How do you cope with the very hot day? Please give me your views.
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