What make people to learn??

March 19, 2009 6:20am CST
hi guys,from our birth we r learning so many things in life through our parents or surroundings, or from books. as our school and college gets over we are becoming working Stuarts. but still so many people are around us who are learning new things new degrees in their life while working too. and some are stop such stuff after college or certain level of education. what do u think what makes people learn more and more and new things??is it self motivation?? Or it is becoming new trend?? or as we are in competition world so have to have learn new things??guys w8ng for ur reply.
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• Indonesia
19 Mar 09
ussualy..we all learn from our mistake. i feel alway learn with anything good, it's importan be get good life in future.
• India
20 Mar 09
Thanks a lot for ur comment
• China
26 Mar 09
In my opinion, i think people learn more and more things in order to train their indepented learning ability which is to identify ,formulate,and solve problems;to grasp and use bisic conceps and principles;and to gather and assess data exactly and critically.The ability of active, self-reliant learning is critical to acquire new knowledge and learn new skills .And so on.
• United States
24 Mar 09
I think learning came about from curiosity and the need for survival. In the old days, if people did not learn what could be eaten and what cannot, people would be dying left and right. Education these days is similar. We are learning to get a job in something, which in turn feeds our stomachs.
@kishuchi (71)
• India
19 Mar 09
As a child grows he learns to stand and then walk.He make umpteen attempts till one day he starts walking.When his mother feeds him,he wants to hold the spoon and eat on his own.Tie shoe laces,comb,wear clothes.He wants to be self dependent,he wants to feel that he knows everything. So the learning process starts from the day we r born.We want to have a place in this world,so we carry on the learning process-schooling,sports,college,driving,world,this goes on and on. After all who wants to be dumb and sit in one corner.
@jane9147 (252)
• Philippines
19 Mar 09
there are many factors that affect our learning. but for me, mostly the environment influences my learning- the people i deal with, the programs i watch etc. but it is always up to you if you would want to follow or believe what they say or what you see. it's also self-discovery..
@srganesh (6345)
• India
19 Mar 09
I think,it is the necessity that drives them to learn more and more.And some learn new things to upgrade their life and some for personal satisfaction.Any how,learning is good as it keeps our brain stimulated and keep us alive.Cheers!