Nostradamus and Obama

March 19, 2009 6:51am CST
Oh my god im so creeped out (if u dont know who nostradamus is google it). Ive been reading alot about nostradamus and i came to the conclusion that Obama is who nostradamus is relating to the 3rd anti christ, then after watching a conspiracy theory program about the american government i am totaly convinsed!!! The proof is already there peeps, he has broke all his promises and is allowing torture camps exc. How can the american government get away with all the lies and deception! Obama is just a puppet in this evil, money and power mad conspiracy. They can get away with the biggest terrorism in the world and its discusts me! And dont get me started on the 9 11!!! So who else agrees that nostradamus was refering to Obama when he talked about the 3rd anti christ!!!
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@agmamayo (804)
• Philippines
19 Mar 09
Nostradamus may in fact predicted so many event that happened since he first wrote them, but he didn't gave too many descriptions nor when will those exactly happen, just a brief explanation what the events will and how will it happen. I don't think Obama is anti-christ. He has been in the oval office for just a few months since winning the presidency. Give him time to settle things and do provide support to him. Those who question the legitimacy of his citizenship, his efforts for recovery and him being the next anti-christ are nothing but pure stress caused by the economic situation. You can't justify a person if his anti-christ or not unless you really know and saw him do anti-christ actions.
19 Mar 09
Sorry but the proof is already there hun, he is allowing torture and creating more war. He is also preparing for roits!! Why do you think that is?!?! The banks are a big part of this... its all about money and power. Whats with all the secret meetings??? what are they planning?? Why is everybody so nieve?
• Indonesia
19 Mar 09 to much have imagine...hehehe