Blue - Ray DVD player

United States
March 19, 2009 5:25pm CST
How many of you using Blue - ray disc player now, I meant switch from DVD to Blue - Ray? The price on Blue - Ray disc still pricey, and the player cost around $300 in the market. I couldn't afford it now. What about you?
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• United States
19 Mar 09
I say we all go on an electronics strike and blame it on the economy. Just what I need to do is buy another piece of advanced technology that I have to figure out, hook up, and buy new discs for. Are they kidding. I think I will wait until everyone else goes out and buys one. When the market is gutted, and the price goes down to $50 or less, I'll consider it. In the meantime I can put the extra $250 toward the mortgage payment. Happy mylotting.
@lilcee (2703)
• United States
19 Mar 09
I don't have a blue ray. I'm not even sure what it is lol. I do most of my recording on the dish dvr but if I have too many things to record or want to save something, I will record on my dvd recorder too. The blue ray costs too much for me.
@thezone (9447)
• Ireland
19 Mar 09
I think the price of Blue Ray is just a little bit too costly for me to switch from DVD. The players and the discs are great but at the moment I don't think they are worth the price they are asking just for high def. I will switch when they become more popular and when the price comes down. I think it will be a long time before Blue Ray kills off DVD simply because of the price.