what exact does life mean?

@yoyo2323 (465)
March 20, 2009 12:23am CST
people always talk about life.people are all care of life!so i just wanna to know what exact does life mean to human? is family firends eating merry work ...these consist life?
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• India
20 Mar 09
hello yoyo2323, i hope you must have heard of this "Life is like an icecream ,enjoy it before it melts"..We have been born in this world with some purpose not only for mere enjoyment........So just try to live your life to the fullest..dont worry for anything..coz god who has blessed you this life surely knows the best for you. Have a Happy and Bright Future take care yoyo
@coldmoon (1091)
• France
20 Mar 09
Dear yoyo, Life is existence, but life doesn't mean only existence. Life means a chance to looking for happiness, in my opinion. It consists of a long process of openings. The first opening is the birth when you open your eyes. It's already a happiness, but many people don't realize that till the day they're about to close their eyes forever. The second opening is the maturity, you open your view to see and to enjoy the wonderful world, to learn that we're different from others living objects, and to dream. But the key is opening your heart to love, to be loved and to understand that although life is somtime very tough and cruel, but happiness still comes for the ones who know giving may be as joyful as getting. One day, if someone really open his heart, he'll stop asking about life. Happy mylotting.
@sunita64 (6469)
• India
20 Mar 09
To me life is a gift of god and it has a time span so for me life is to live each and every second aware of what we are doing and enjoying every minute of it.